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Cum in mouth videos in Putalocura

The great moment is coming. The audience stands up and sings-along to cheer the hero: It´s the final countdown! ¡NANANANA NANANANAINOOO NANANA NANANANAAINO TARARÁ TACHAN TACHAAAN! The audience don´t know the lyrics to the Europe song, but they are doing their best and they do know the most important part: It´s the final countdown! Here it comes, here it comes, seconds slow down and, then: ¡Plaka! All in your face. Do you like mouth cumshots? Then this small Putalocura corner is your place.

We are leaving together, but still it´s farewell. That´s how the song begins. Let´s be clear: yes, I like what I like. The motivation is that that chick ends up soaked in hot cream. Grand final star, receiving your fireworks, going up and up and up, finishing in your personal sky like a real Milky Way. That moment you were looking for from the moment you started the hard work of getting her and making her horny (the girl, not your dick, that one is always ready). Those seconds when you-don´t-know-what pushes you behind your balls and your inner missil pushes up and out, the most important moment in the whole sex time. You feel powerful and potent: your Tomahawk is about to explode and your finger is already on the red button. There is no help. It´s the countdown with no return our pause button. "I have got the poweeeer!" you feel, while lifting your hardened steel back. Of course you have it, He-Man. But a great power comes with great responsability and you are not alone. Be generous, man. Share that sweet moment with the chick you are fucking. So, baby, turn around quickly because it´s snack time. And the stuffed churro can´t wait.

As a professional wanker, you know pretty well what we are talking about. You touch yourlsef with delight and you could teach ejaculation physiognomy lessons to an urologist. And, as you are always looking for study material, here you are, pen in your hand and automatic writing. Not thinking, just using the instrument hard and taking notes on what you are watching in the screen. And, what are you watching? Lots of cum in mouth. Don´t complain, here you have lots and lots of those. The Putalocura yogurt factory is always open for the audience to come, observe, analyze and see that everything that we cook in here is top quality.

As the sybarite you are, you are looking for the grand final. No Ambassador House cocktails, with appetizer, first course and second course. You don´t want that. You want right away the dessert, the custard, the cream, and watching how those vicious chicks are on all fours hungry and wishing for more, in order to get the best from you. Well, not from you: from the video guy. But you get it, right? So, as a skilled person, you click, dick in your hand, ready to enjoy those glorious moments.

One video, another one and one more. Then, a top hits compilation. Then, a trendy actress milk mustache top moments, that exceptional sword-swallower who is always hungry. And, finally, one more top hits video. And you, working it. Fuck, it´s just missing watching in slow motion with Carmina Burana song. You are wishing it, it would be epic. Just search it because, probably, it would exist. But, before searching it, you keep watching the one that is on now. Smile, pretty face, because loose lips sink ships.

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If watching cum in mouth videos turns your dick into a steel sword, it´s time for you to dive into Torbe´s and hot whores videos.

Torbe has fucked all kind of chicks, drilling them or just with a simple and delicious blowjob, those who have received his beauty treatment on their face and mouth are coutless. Torbe, the most popular porn freak , is an efficient and professional man juice manufacturer and he´s always ready to give away a free sample to all those girls who came on an empty stomach. Or to those who like taking second helpings. The point is that none of them starve. They have that in common: tall, short, brunette, blonde, young or MILF. All of them want to keep something from him. You get it, right?

Generous blowjobs, from beginning to end, that try to satisfy the couple, or sudden script changes in the Putalocura House menu, like those where a lucky man is fucking a hot girl and, suddenly, “come over here, because the pastry bag is overflowing”. However they are, the result is the same: lots of cum to play with and swallow. Look their smile. They love it.

But, at this restaurant, we also have the most popular dishes: the couple caughts, and, about massive cumshots, the grossbukkakes where a group of fire extinguishers turn off the fire spirting over an innocent -lie- girl. Babies who have already tasted thousands of times the man juice, but one by one and when it´s time, and who are dreaming about having a whole body milk bath. Maybe was that what Cleopatra used to do and we are not told about? Look how she swallows. Don´t miss those other two who share a milkshake.

With Torbe or without him, if your thing is jacking off, here you have the best cum in mouth videos. Plus exclusive stuff, if you sign in, so you can feel as a well served king.

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