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How to become a porn actress in Spain. If your dream is to be aporn actress and you don't know where to go, this is the place to make your dream come true. Finally, a place where you can get a job as a porn actress. Here is the most valuable information to become a porn actress in Spain. If your dream is to work as a porn actress and you do not know where to go, congratulations, here we can give you work from day one. We have been working since 2000 in the world of porn productions in Spain, we have made more than 6000 scenes, and we currently have about 30 active series. If you Google the words "Putalocura" or "Torbe" you will get an idea of the dimension of our company. We are the creators of the famous series such as Pilladas, Parejitas, Bukkakes, etc.

YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OLD,through its pageyour porn websiteoffers work to any girl who is over 18 years old. If you have not yet reached the age of majority, we will not be able to give you a job until you do. This is very important.


You don't have to be a top model to work with us, everyone can participate, of any physique. We will be the ones to determine if they are good for this or not, so don't worry. We receive mails from girls who look bad physically, let us decide that, because everything is very subjective. But don't pass up this opportunity to try because you think you're not pretty enough.There are girls who thought they weren't pretty, and then they've gone on to make a killing and a lot of money.


Yes, totally, as soon as you come to work you will be asked for clinical analysis and we will show you the analysis of our actors, since all the scenes are done without condoms. In the entire history of porn in Spain there has never been a single case of AIDS. And we do sanitary controls assiduously. Above all, safety.

On the other hand, we can alternate porn with webcams, so you can earn a salary (we can talk about making you a contract if you wish) doing webcams, and give you a good number of scenes per month, so you can take at the end of the month a good money.

Many girls write to us saying that they have gone through ugly situations. Porn is becoming more and more fashionable, and there are more and more ghost agenciesand sinister characters offering porn work to girls. Beware, most of them have nothing behind them and only sell smoke, and many of them try to take advantage of the unwary girls who fall into their hands. Be very careful with these people, the only thing they want is to take sexual advantage of you and nothing else.
We show our face from the first moment, we talk to people in person, we say where we are and we make everything clear from the beginning. And very important: you will always be paid for your work the same day and we will be honest with you at all times.

when and how much will i charge for my work?

Here we don't do tests or castings to prove how well you do. Here we pay from the first day, from the first scene. This is a job and we respect that agreement. The first day you will have a chat with us, and we will explain you in person absolutely everything, we will answer all the doubts you have, and we can start the same day. The money is paid immediately after the scene is done, on the spot.

The amount of money you get paid depends on the type of scene you do, but to give you an idea, we will make you a pack of scenes, so that you get a good money at the beginning, which can range between 400-2000€ to start. Then we will sign a contract where we will tell you the number of scenes and the money you will earn with all of them. Transparency first and foremost. There are girls who have earned around 25.000€ in all the time they have been with us.


Absolutely not. In that first initial interview you will be able to tell us what things you like and what you don't like. There are girls who like anal sex, for example, and others who don't. If you don't like it, you don't do it. If you don't like it, you don't do it, that's for sure. Some girls would do bukakes and others wouldn't, it's ok, if you don't want to do it, you don't do it. We will never force you to do things you don't want to do.


It all depends on your physique and the desire you put into it. Here, as in all things, some girls are more beautiful and professional than others, therefore they will earn more than others who are not. Therefore, the money you earn will depend on several factors, the result of the first personal interview, your physique, and the way you work. Anyway, what we are going to offer you will be batches of scenes that can be 3, 5, 10 or 20 scenes. Adding them all together you can easily get several thousand euros. We also offer free advice if you want to work abroad, and we can help you to find work in other friendly production companies.


There are two possibilities to work with us, with your face uncovered (it's how you earn the most money), and with your face covered. For that we have a series called Anonymous, which allows you to work in porn and be able to do it without absolutely no one recognizing you, because you go out either with a mask or a wig. The girls who appear in the series have their normal work and so far no one has been recognized. It is one more alternative. The price per scene is a little lower than usual, but you also earn money. You can watch the series here. There is another more secure possibility, which is to work for foreign websites, but I will inform you better in person.


Putalocura is the best known Spanish porn site, being on this site will ensure that many people will see you. If what you want is to be known, here you will be, more than 350,000 people enter daily. These are some of the girls who have come out of our castings in recent years.

Laurita Zenda Carmen Lomama Nuria


Once you enter the Putalocura universe, you will be a TORBE GIRL, and that will give you the option to come to spas with the other girls, excursions, trips, and a world of fun. We will take care of you and give you regular work. You will not need to work in more production companies because we can give you everything with our production company.


We have many things for you. We can give you work in several series, we can make you a personal blog where you can tell what you want, we can take a lot of pictures and with all of them you can have a totally free book. We can also give you work in webcams that will allow you to have a fixed money per month. Or we will call you to do stripteases in nightclubs and a thousand other things. As you can see, the offer is very wide, what we want to assure you is that here you can earn money from the first day. Putalocura is today the only porn company in Spain that shoots every day and gives work to many girls. We have been making movies for almost 20 years and more than 1500 girls have passed through here. We always pay the same day we shoot and before doing anything, we have a talk with the actress where we explain her what she is going to do and how she can earn money, so that she is calm and knows at all times what she is going to do.


If you are really interested in becoming a porn actress, you only have to send us your personal information and some good photos where you can see your face and body. Here we inform you how to take the pictures and how to send your form:

Follow these easy steps to start your career as a porn star and earn money. You are going to work with your body, so your resume, instead of being written, will have to be photographic. We need to see what you look like physically, that's paramount, that's why we're going to ask you to take some pictures. Follow these simple steps if you don't have anyone who can take pictures of you:

- Choose to take your photos during the day. Go to a place in your house where some light from the window comes in and illuminates you, and where there is a mirror nearby. For example a bathroom with a window, or a bedroom mirror next to a window.

- Stand naked in front of the mirror with your camera in hand.

- Take a minimum of 3 pictures, which should look like this: (look at these pictures and imitate the postures)

- If you are not a girl, do not send the form.


- Then, with the photos in your computer, fill in the following form, adding them, and press send, we will contact you in less than 48 hours: (you can also send us an email to [email protected] if the form does not work)::

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