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04/01/2024 - 28min


Her first time fucking in front of a camera! Hamijos de la paja, I present to you Uloa, a young Spanish woman who has just turned 20 years old and is going to celebrate with all of us. I'll put you in context, the redhead is a close friend of one of our favorite actresses, they met at school and since then they have had a very strong friendship, the kind of friends you see several times a week. In one of those meetings, Uloa confessed that she would like to record a porn scene, her intention is not to carve out a future in the world of porn, far from it, it is a fetish, a sexual fantasy that many girls have and never They have confessed! So I received a WhatsApp from her where she asked me for the day and time, as if taking a shift at her hair salon was about her hahahaha It's tremendous! The thing is that she showed up at my house completely alone, something that caught my attention. When I opened the door she told me: "We're meeting", jojojo Of course! I answered him, and everything that happened in the next 28 minutes of the appointment, you have just one click away! A hot aunt, a hot twenty-year-old, and a hot female who barely weighs more than 45 kilos! A real snake in the bed that will leave you completely amazed! Don't miss it, it's the rod!

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