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¡18 añitos que valen ORO! - Lila Teen

03/03/2024 - 34min


It is a real pleasure to announce a new category on the website, where I am going to compile all those scenes that deserve to belong to our brand new GOLD SERIES! The best of the best, stories that are worth remembering and about which I will give you certain anecdotes that make them tremendously hot and morbid! We inaugurated our new series with a girl with whom I was only able to film two scenes. Her name, Lila Teen. A young 18-year-old Spanish girl who admitted that she was a fan of my videos. The morbid thing about it is that Lila was waiting a long time until she was of legal age to contact me and ask me for the opportunity to make her dream come true. She wanted to fuck Tito Torbe. and he was able to do it a few weeks after blowing out the candles on his 18th birthday. I can tell you that I was completely paralyzed when I saw her for the first time, she is a super shy, thin girl, with a semi-developed little body and an ass... A GREAT ASS! which is the best thing that has happened to this house in all the years that I have been producing porn. A wonderful little woman in every sense, she wanted to maintain her anonymity behind a mask so as not to be recognized in her most intimate and personal circle. It is for this reason that I included her in my ANONYMOUS category, where other girls also decided to record porn with the condition of not showing her face to avoid being recognized! So with that said, enjoy this first installment of our new GOLD SERIES, with this piece of dust that will remain forever in the retina of the good hamijos of the straw!

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