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Hasta la última gota - Patricia Acevedo

20/02/2024 - 10min


Third scene of Patricia Acevedo on our website, after that mythical PILLADAS where we discovered her, she still has things to say, such as this piece of dust where she makes it very clear that what she likes most is sucking! She knows that her strongest weapon is that devilish little mouth that God has given her and with which she is capable of making any cock fall that is put in front of her, and mine is not going to be any less! Patricia is the typical aunt that I love, with a big ass, nice tits and a beautiful face that she falls in love with. We can say that she would be the perfect girlfriend, because in bed she keeps what she promises! Look at how she looks at me while she sucks me, how she asks me to please get on top of her to ride like a wild mare! She loves to fuck, in any position. She likes me to say things in her ear, to whisper how slutty she is, how wet her slit is and how similar it is to putting my cock inside a tub of hot butter! But best of all, is the ending! When I can't hold back the urge to cum anymore and Miss Acevedo absorbs every last drop of cum, because she doesn't plan to waste a single lump of semen! What a pig you are Patricia!!!

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