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Su merienda rica en calcio - Marina Gold

11/09/2023 - 17min


I love having girls around me, who come to visit me and accompany me on a daily basis, I am always tremendously generous with them and when it's time for a snack... I have prepared a good bottle of warm cum so they can enjoy a extra calcium, which, as you well know, is great for the bones. This hot summer afternoon, I received a visit from Marina Gold, one of my best friends, we warmed up a little and before we realized it we were already at work! Marina is a spectacular girl, those of you who follow me know that I have a very special relationship with her. Whenever we can, we fuck like pigs, without any qualms, we change positions and do whatever we want. I love hearing her moan, it drives me crazy when she screams and asks me to fuck her harder and harder. Today we ended up completely exhausted, but I am very calm because he returned home with a full stomach... after a most nutritious snack.

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