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Vicio nos presenta a su novio - Vicio

18/03/2024 - 43min


Many girls hide the decision to record their first porn scene from their respective partners, probably out of fear of being rejected or left by their boyfriends, but this is not the case of Vicio, a young woman from Madrid who had the courage to sit in front of her boy and explain to him that I had decided to participate in this world of porn that we like and are so passionate about! Apparently, the boy's reaction was so positive that the next thing he did was call me and propose this new chapter of my COUPLES series with which you will literally be amazed! The thing is that I met with them, we talked for a long time in a relaxed way, they told me that they had been together for 6 years, a stable relationship that had been strengthened over time. To make way for a piece of dust that literally got out of hand! I was recording them for a while, I got so horny and so horny watching them that I took out my cock and started masturbating while I watched them... buffff Vicio realized the situation, looked at me and as he approached me he smiled telling me: " I also have for you" jojojo in the end we ended up forming one of the most kinky and horny trio I have ever recorded! An impressive three-quarter hour scene that started out as one thing, and ended up being something completely different. But we already know what happens in PUTALOCURA, that we give free rein to our most pigish instincts and let ourselves be carried to unsuspected limits!

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