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Pillada a una morena Brasileña - Karol Ferraz

30/11/2023 - 29min


One more week, I go out to the streets of Madrid again in search of a girl who wants to "try her luck" in the mysterious world of fashion, you already know that girls go completely crazy when you bring up the subject of photos, clothes, and everything he has with the possibility of making a living teaching palmetto. Today I met a tremendous brunette named Karol Ferraz. At first, I thought that this girl could be a Spanish compatriot, but I was pleasantly surprised when the girl confessed to me that she is Brazilian!! ! Apparently, he has been walking around Madrid for a few days, getting to know the city and absorbing all the magic that the capital of Spain has. After a brief negotiation, I end up convincing her to accompany me to my studio, in principle I am going to do a supposed "photo session", but I can tell you that everything is going to end like the Rosario de la Aurora. We arrive and she sits at the foot of my bed, I ask her to please take off her clothes... and damn what a great body! This promises great things, I have triumphed again... and with nothing less than a canarinha! You have to see the rest of this CATCH with your own eyes... because it's awesome! I love Brazilian girls!

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