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Pillada Peluquera Colombiana - Patricia Acevedo

23/11/2023 - 40min


The cold is coming to Madrid, and with this unpleasant weather it is a little more difficult than normal to go out in search of new girls, but you know, everything I do is for and for you. So this morning I grabbed my video camera and once again I went out on an adventure, I thought that maybe I won't have to go around too many times to find the girl I need for a new chapter of my series Caught! Just around the corner from my community garage I noticed a girl who was alone, distracted by her cell phone, I approached her and entered her with the excuse of the supposed modeling agency. Her name is Patricia Acevedo, a young Colombian hairdresser who has been living in Madrid for several months and I didn't have to push too hard to convince her, she quickly agreed to accompany me to a quieter place where I could do a small photo session. When we got to the studio, Patricia started to take off her clothes and made me look really stupid! She has fake tits, lots of tattoos and a prodigious mouth... She freaks out as she sucks! You have to see everything that comes next with your own eyes, and turn up the volume on your speakers, because the screams of pleasure are deafening!

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