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The series In bed with Torbe is a porn series by Torbe that consists of doing in-depth interviews with girls before doing the Sex act. In that interview we will discover how that woman is sexually, and how she started in sex. Also, we will know what she likes most, so that in the Sexual act all the fantasies and morbid situations that she will have told us before will be realized.

There are many Spanish girls who participate in this porn series, where the common denominator is that everyone is looking for a unique experience in porn. It is one of the most important Spanish porn series of Spanish porn that is made today. And that's because we're in front of a series of real girls who tell us their interiors and then we see them enjoy doing real sex. There are many who reach orgasm and those who have a great time having sex in front of the cameras.

In bed with Torbe is a series Spanish amateur porn where we can see many Spanish women enjoy sex. All the secrets that a woman keeps on sex issues are revealed in Torbe's interview before the act. Many girls appear in this series in a natural way and engage in a sincere conversation with Torbe, where they are told the most intimate secrets of their sexuality. How was your first time, what do you like most in bed, how many boyfriends have you had, how do you usually reach orgasm, what do you most like to put in bed, what kind of guys do you like? These and many other questions are asked in the interview to get an idea of ​​how they think about sex.

The highlight of this series is what comes after the interview. That is usually a sexual act where Torbe makes these women enjoy, seeking their orgasm. We are before a Spanish porn series where we see Spanish girls fucking and having real orgasms. We are facing an amateur series very different from what we are used to seeing out there.

The girls who participate in this series are not usually porn actresses. Usually they are waitresses, housewives, students, and normal people who could pass by your neighbor, by the roommate, by a student or a girl in work place where you usually spend most of the day. They are anonymous people who decide one day to take the step and do Spanish porn and are encouraged to make a Spanish porn video where they can be seen enjoying sex with Torbe.

In bed with Torbe As the name suggests, are porn scenes already in bed, with the Porno Actor Torbe. It is what a person always does when he is with a woman, talking to her in bed. You talk a little bit, and then you put the little tip. You make sex with a woman in bed and you feel like god. They are basic but universal concepts. Everyone understands it because sex is still sex. And is that sex in bed is always the same, suck, kiss, penetrate, and cum. And if above you have the delicacy and the detail of doing more or less what the girl likes, because she has told you before, then this is a series made by and for women. It's porn for women. Because they are the ones who ask and we who give them. This is porn for women. And whoever say the opposite, lies. What better to listen to women, take note of what they say, and fulfill their requirements, which are usually unresolved sexual fantasies. Although most of them are satisfied that you suck a little bit and the folles in conditions. And of course, Torbe knows how to fuck because it takes many years, and always, or almost always, usually make them reach orgasm. Knowledge is power, and knowing how to listen is a gift. If these women are honest with themselves they say what are the sexual fantasies they have, and as they like to be treated in bed, then we will have a unique and unrepeatable porn porn series. Where we can see how Spanish women fucking in bed have sex with strangers.

In bed with Torbe is a series that Torbe invented and that was made for women. Because they also enjoy sex and porn. And to date there was no porn series made for them.

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